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louver drape vertical blinds print :

These curtains consist of a number of vertical blades that are placed in a regular aluminum rail, which due to low price, fast installation and long life, have been widely used in offices, restaurants and many commercial centers. Lord Drape curtains are usually produced in different designs such as cashmere, floral, wood design, so it is easy to create a fit between these curtains and furniture or any interior decoration.

Digital printing :

Digital printing is one of the methods of converting digital images into printed products. This method usually involves professional printing in small numbers by desktop publishing and other digital sources, which is done by large format printers or professional laser and inkjet printers. This method allows printing immediately after demand in limited editions.

Zebra Print :

Printing a photo or logo on a zebra screen is not very clear, because as y know, zebra screens have an average of five to five centimeters of netting, which prints on these nets does not look good at all and your image may fall on the net. As a result, your photo will look incomplete or very bad. Our suggestion for printing a photo or logo is definitely a curtain. Because the print on the screen will be very transparent and clear.

Transfer printing :

In transfer printing, the design is first printed on a piece of paper and then transferred to the fabric by heat press. The design can be printed on paper by offset and digital methods, but the quality of the final work is higher with offset printing. The point here is that the colors that are printed on the paper do not look like the final result on the fabric.

shade curtains and fabric print :

Shade curtain printing and washable fabric curtain printing are done in a completely professional way in this collection. Choosing the type of fabric for curtain printing is very important. So please read the following before ordering curtain printing. Or contact our experts so you can make a better choice. Shade curtain printing is different from ordinary curtain printing. And customers should  be careful in choosing the type and material of the selected .fabric

DK blind printing :

The DK curtain or so-called vertline is one of the most modern curtain models that has found a good place among the public. Vertiline curtains are very similar to Louvre drape curtains, and of course they are part of the Zebra curtain family. Due to their fragmentation and special technology, these curtains can be used as modern curtains in homes.


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